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" life is a continuous learning experience and challenges are our greatest teachers. "



    TARN is a California-based Art Director for film, television, commercials, and music videos. She was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand.   


          In 2005, Tarn moved to Australia and spent 5 years living in Sydney, receiving a diploma in fundamentals of art and design. Upon coming back to Thailand in 2010, She was seeking a degree in Film and TV production from Mahidol University International College. She started directing documentaries, and short films and working as an intern on commercials and feature films that collaborated with International production houses who came to set up the production in unique locations in Thailand.  Working on sets, traveling around the country, and seeing new hidden/exotic places, she realized how appealing art and design are involved in each location by adding new structure, furniture, props, and details to the set. The visual storytelling of the set design alone is the art of transporting audiences to another world. She then decided to relocate to the United States. Pursued an MFA in Production Design at Dodge College of film and media arts, Chapman University in Orange, California. 

​         In 2016Tarn was selected for the ADG apprentice program. She has been working in the art department. Her career has been varied on a lot of new distinctive projects such as a TV series, 'Westworld' from HBO, and a Feature Film 'Ford Vs Ferrari' with 20th Century Fox. Her professional skills include drafting, using SketchUp, Vectorworks, and Rhino3D, Designing graphics in Illustrator and Photoshop, and being very hands-on with craftwork.



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