Tarn was selected as one of the Art Director Guild's 2016 apprentices

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 TARN was born and raise in Bangkok, Thailand. She has loved art and design since an early age. She moved to Sydney, Australia in 2004, receiving a degree in Fundamental art and design at St. Scholastica's College.

Then she moved back to Thailand seeking a degree in Film and TV production. She started directing short films and working in Thailand as a production assistant on commercials and features with international production houses that come to shoot in Thailand. She discovered while working on set in the art department on a feature film, the combination of two things she loves, which is design and film. It crosses her mind and changes her whole direction. After working in Thailand, she decided to come to California and earn a degree in Production design. She keeps developed her technical and practical skills, understanding the visual art of filmmaking and set design.

Now she graduated with her Masters in Production Design at Chapman University. She is currently working in the art department on television, feature films and music video. Tarn has professional skills in drafting Rhino3D, SketchUp, Layout, Illustrator, and photoshop

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